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A Deceiving Cover-up

An Attempt to Cover Up Arian History:

Those who understand how the Papal Church came to rule for 1260 years known as the dark ages also know they had to uproot three opposing kingdoms. But were you aware that these were Arian tribes? We know Athanasius taught the unbiblical pagan view, and that the Catholic Church is known for casting truth to the ground. So it certainly makes sense that the Arians actually had Biblical truth and why these Arian tribes were all destroyed. Daniel 8:12 “Because of transgression, an army was given over to the HORN to oppose the daily sacrifices; and he CAST TRUTH DOWN TO THE GROUND. He did all this and prospered.” The HORN here is synonymous with the little horn of Daniel 7 and the first beast of Revelation 13, which is the Roman Catholic Church who have always taught error, and cast truth to the ground. And so it was obviously truth that was cast to the ground when the Papacy uprooted the three opposing kingdoms, which gave them uninterrupted rule for 1260 years. These kingdoms were Arian tribes which held the non-Trinitarian view and opposed their Trinitarian view. “The three divisions which were plucked up were the Heruli in 493, the Vandals in 534, and the Ostrogoths in 538 A.D. Justinian, the emperor, whose seat was at Constantinople, working through the general Belisarius, was the power which overthrew the three kingdoms represented by the three horns, and THE REASON FOR THEIR OVERTHROW WAS THEIR ADHERENCE TO ARIANISM IN OPPOSITION TO THE ORTHODOX CATHOLIC FAITH. The details of the overthrow, and the religious controversy which was the root of the trouble, are fully given by Gibbon in the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” — (S.N. Haskell, The Story of Daniel the Prophet, p. 117, 1908) And further, “The contest between ARIANISM and the orthodox CATHOLICISM was the means of ENTHRONING THE PAPACY.” — (lbid, p. 266) Ever since the inception of the Trinity doctrine into Christianity in the 4th century, in one way or another, Trinitarians have consistently persecuted those who did not hold to the doctrine of the Trinity. They generally regarded them as heretics and the record of Christian history shows this and it is still happening today! Now what spirit is behind persecution? I have seen non-Trinitarians falsely accused of teaching that Christ was created as a means to discredit them. When the accusers were corrected, they still continued with their false accusations even though they knew it was not true. This of course is dishonest and can only be a deliberate attempt at discrediting non-Trinitarians. Did this same thing happen to Arius? Were rumours started to say that he taught Christ was created when in fact he did not, and was just a means of discrediting him to help the pagan doctrine of the Trinity take hold? “'His [Arius'] book, 'Thalia,' was burnt on the spot; and this example was so generally followed, that it became a very rare work.' — Stanley 'History of the Eastern Church,' Lecture iv, par. 39. The decree banishing Arius was shortly so modified as simply to prohibit his returning to Alexandria.” — (A.T. Jones, The Two Republics, p. 351) The Catholic Church exerted all her power to destroy any records of what Arius believed. The only records we have are those that either fell through the hands of the Catholic power, or those which they have chosen to keep, whether in their original form or altered by them. “An erroneous charge was circulated that all who were called Arians believed that Christ was a created being. [Footnote: It is doubtful if many believed Christ to be a created being. Generally, those evangelical bodies who opposed the papacy and who were branded as Arians confessed both the divinity of Christ and that He was begotten, not created, by the Father. They recoiled from other extreme deductions and speculations concerning the Godhead.]” — (Benjamin G. Wilkinson, Truth Triumphant, p. 92) “Whether the teachings of Arius were such as are usually represented to us or not, who can say? Phillipus Limborch doubts that Arius himself ever held that Christ was created instead of being begotten [Footnote: Limborch, The History of the Inquisition, page 95].” — (Benjamin G. Wilkinson, Truth Triumphant, p. 142) In 538 A.D, the Arian believers were completely wiped out by the Catholic Church, leaving the Papacy as the sole “Corrector of heretics.” Anyone opposing the Catholic teaching of the Trinity was exterminated, for “the Mystery of the Trinity is the central doctrine of the Catholic Faith.” — (Handbook for Today's Catholic, p. 11) So how was the Trinity doctrine finally established? Was it through careful study of the Scriptures by all parties to establish what was truth? No! It happened through decades of persecution and bloodshed and by the Papal Church murdering the three Arian tribes that opposed them! The Trinitarian view was won by taking out the opposition.

We also know by scripture this trinity was established by satan himself. It is the dragon known as the devil and satan that gave them their power, seat and great authority. The trinity allowed satan to set himself up above the clouds of heaven to be LIKE the most high God, because he too claims this title "One True God", only his is a mystery (Babylon the great), three in one absurdity!

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