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The Forgotten Letter--Regarding the Trinity

The Forgotten Letter - EGW responded to Trinity - Lt253-1903

The Forgotten Pillar Project

Published on Nov 28, 2020

Discover an intriguing story of our Seventh-day Adventist foundation, and join revival of our old pillar of faith- the personality of God.

After Dr. J.H. Kellogg admitted to A.G. Daniells on October 29th, that he "had come to believe in the trinity," this confession was read by Ellen G. White and on November 20th, 1903, Sister White responded to Dr. Kellogg with stern warnings of reproof concerning his theories in regard to the presence and personality of God. Though forgotten, this letter is a must read for Seventh-day Adventists who have adopted the same theories as the man whose mind was "as dark as Egypt," to the detriment of his "eternal interests." (Letter, A. G. Daniells to W. C. White Oct 29th 1903)

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Ellen G. White to Dr. Kellogg - Letter 253, 1903:

Arthur G. Daniells' letter to William C. White:

William C. White's response to Arthur G. Daniells: (p. 458 in PDF)

Fundamental Principles:

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For the short version of Lt 253--1903

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